Open and Shut
Orientation Clip
Lesson Plan
Orientation Clips coming: A note about the Orientation Clips for this Exploration, and what do without them
100 Doors: More opening and closing doors than your parents would ever let you!
A Prop to Play with: A sheet with 100 doors on it
Buttons and Boxes: Fun with a handful of buttons ... or pebbles
Squares: Squaring up those boxes of buttons
Circles and Stars: How to make a star from a circle and when it works best
Degenerate Stars: Sometimes stars don't get spikes ... why?
Back to the Doors: What do the buttons have to do with the doors?
A Different Pattern: Seeing a different pattern suggests an amazing fact about 1 + 3 + 5 + ... + 1001
Rectangles with Partners: What Euclid would do with a bunch of buttons
The Possibilities of Working Together: Linear combinations of buttons and what that means about buttons in the middle
Open or Shut?: Crib notes on playing with doors.