Hiking through the Detailed Map of a Primed Minds Exploration, reveals a plethora of activities that help teachers plan lessons that dramatically flesh out the concepts encountered.

Activities include lesson plans, handouts, and other extending content. They are presented on a friendly map that includes Orientation Clips that explain how to use the various elements. Besides the handouts and extending content, the Orientation Clips are the heart of our Activities. They make the process of planning and running classes fun, and are the next best thing to having us there with you!

Mouse over landmarks for a description of the content, click the pop-up bubble to take you to the content.

Our initial Explorations are currently being road tested from England and America, to Africa and Australia, and feedback so far has been amazing!

Interested in more of our activities? Email us at: contact@primedminds.com

External Resources

Numberphile exit_to_app

A wonderful YouTube channel that has many videos that talk about all sorts of delightful lands from the world of mathematics. Subject matter ranges in difficulty, but some great places to start include contributions by:

Tadashi Tokieda: Freaky Dot and Perplexing Paperclip

Vi Hart: Infinity Elephant and Hexaflagon

Simon Pampena: The Epic Story of Circle

Katie Steckles: Fold and Cut

Desmos.com exit_to_app

A wonderful website graphing calculator that allows you to explore what functions look like. Has some delightful interactive pieces including Marbleslide

BetterExplained.com exit_to_app

A magnificent repository of better explanations than you will typically encounter for many mathematical concepts covered between middle school and college. For the day you encounter imaginary numbers Kalid’s explanation is magnificent.