Dicey Die
Lesson Plan
Orientation Clip
Which Dice Is Best?: Play the non-transitive dice game a few times.
Who Has the Advantage?: Who has the advantage in the non-transitive dice game?
Analysis - Counting Outcomes: How to analyze the non-transitive dice game.
Play the Video: Instruction to watch the explanation video of non-transitive dice game
A Little Technique: Exploring the way the sides of a die are numbered
The Little Technique: The special die rolling technique that allows you to avoid 1's!
3 Dice: 3 Dice Template
4 0 Dice: 4 0 Dice Template
5 1 Dice: 5 1 Dice Template
6 2 Dice: 6 2 Dice Template
Standard Die: A standard die template
Standard Die: A standard die template
The Contest!: How to play the game with these crazy die
The Standard Die: Examine a standard 6-sided die like never before
An Average Sidetrack: Averages, as explained with rolling die
Thwarting Technique: Do standard die combat our special technique?
Summary Video: Summary Video for non-transitive dice
Orientation Clips coming: A note about the Orientation Clips for this Exploration, and what do without them