Manic Monsters
Lesson Plan
Orientation Clip
Chocolate Monsters Slideshow: A slideshow with chocolate, monsters and axes, all of which makes fractions clearer than ever!
What to Make of Chocolate Monsters?: Making sense of the chocolate monster slide-show, and learning about equivalent fractions
Egyptian Fractions: Playing around with fractions as the ancient Egyptians did!
Chocolate Chips: Three whole bars of chocolate or a little piece from everyone?
Infinite Trading: The trade-off between rows of chocolate cut by even and odd monsters
Zeno's Paradox: Three bars of chocolate, or just the chocolate from lazy monsters who keep chopping things in half?
Egyptian Fractions: A look at fractions the way the ancient Egyptians liked to
Chocolate Chip Harmonics: How much chocolate do we get if every monster gives us a row?
Infinite Monsters: What if just the even monsters shared with you?
Zeno's Paradox: What happens when only lazy monsters share with you?
Infinite Trading, Mind-Blowing Conclusion: The mind-blowing conclusion to our Fractions Exploration; the order you get chocolate really matters!
Orientation Clips coming: A note about the Orientation Clips for this Exploration, and what do without them